Joe Landry - Youth Sculpture Park (Deerfield Elementry)

Deerfield Elementry

The 3-D Collaborative held a “Globe and Hand build” at the Deerfield Elementary School. This workshop is part of our group’s ongoing effort to facilitate opportunities for area youth to create sculpture that will be displayed at our Youth Sculpture Park located at the corner of 3rd and Canal streets in downtown Turners Falls.

We supplied the tools, materials and organization for these creative minds. After a brief introduction and discussion, the concrete mixing and pouring began. It was a bit messy but no one minded. The 6 foot diameter Globe form was plastered with concrete and left to dry for the painting that would occur in a couple of weeks. Next concrete was poured into large rubber gloves and then rebar was inserted. The intent of the project was to show the hands holding up the Globe but, because the fingers broke easily, only the Globe got installed at the park.