Joe Landry - Youth Sculpture Park (Four Rivers)

Four Rivers Public Charter School

On a Saturday in November 2008 the 3-D Collaborative held a “bike build” sculpture event at the Greenfield Four Rivers Charter Public School. 

Twenty enthusiastic students (and many excited parents) attended the session on this rainy Saturday morning.  We supplied tools, dozens of used bicycles donated for the occasion, and lunch. The young peoples’ creative minds did the rest. We assisted with conceptual development, design, planning and assembly. After a brief introduction and discussion, the dismantling began and sculptures quickly began to take shape!

By the end of the six-hour session they made ten sculptures.

1.)Ben Garbus-  “Ostrich” and “Abstract”
2.)Dalila Bennett, Jamila Roth and Makeda Diggs-  “Stegosaurus”
3.)Lily Bennett, Sophie Buchanan, Isabel Margola and Helen Perham-  “Flower” and “Butterfly”
4.)Sophie Buchanan and Isabel Margola-  “Unicycle”
5.)Colleen Dumas and Levi Howard-  “Abstract”
6.)Sophie Garbus and Emily Tatro-  “Alligator”
7.)Max Perham-  “Spider”
8.)Brittany Richotte, Leah Sweeney and Grace Walker-  “Easter Bunny”