Joe Landry Youth Sculpture Park

Youth Sculpture Park

The 3D Collaborative manages the Youth Sculpture Park. It’s a community project that focuses on giving young people the opportunity to express their creativity thru public art. To this end we will help young people make art in any way we can and especially with funding. We can provide help with:

     -     Finances

     -     Idea Development

     -     Construction

     -     Transportation

     -     Placing and Mounting the Art

We work with the Brick House - a young people support group - to express themselves. Please join us in this endeavor and create a piece of art. Just remember it’s free.

For more information you can contact any of the artist or you can call or email me,

Joe Landry at 413 863 2915


John Landino

Joe Landry

Jack Nelson

Jaye Pope

Jamie Rourke

The goal of the 3D Collaborative is to provide, free of charge, the opportunity for young people to make public art.